Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sir Tom Jones replaced by Will Young!!!

At BT London Live in Hyde Park tomorrow, Will will replace Sir Tom Jones.

Due to chest infection Sir Tom Jones had pulled out and bronchitis and Will stepped in to take his place at the last minute.

He said: "I'm sad that Tom Jones can't do the show, I hope he gets well soon, and am very happy and excited to be playing Hyde Park for the Olympic events tomorrow".

He wrote: "Sadly I have contracted a chest infection w/bronchitis & due to doctors orders I've had 2 cancel tomorrows and Sundays show. Sorry to all x

"Thanks for all the lovely messages, I don't know if everyones understanding and support is making me feel better or worse! You're the best! (sic)"

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Will Young Desires Bjork Duet!!!

Will Young expressed that he wishes to duet with Bjork.The 'Jealously' hit maker that he has a long list of singer star he want to perform with, but the Icelandic singer is at the top.

He said: "I would like to work with so many people. Bjork, Prince. I'd like to sing with Annie Lennox. Just musically, loads of things, the list is endless."

He explained: "I want to do boules, I'd like to be an upholsterer. I'd take over on Antiques Roadshow to be an expert on Victorian dolls. Morris Dancers. I'd like to work with some Morris dancers. But I've learned not to keep asking people to try and do a Morris dancing video because they'll say no."

He has been questioned about what he has learned in his 10 year pop career and he replied : "Be careful with your mic technique because sometimes you hit yourself in the teeth and it hurts, and people hear it so you can't really cover it up."

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Will Young has announce new single 'Come On' title

Will Young has announced the title of his new single 'Come On'.

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The singer released 'Come On' and another as a chart topping album Echoes will be taken to be cut.

The single is available to download now and has received an official impact date of November 21.

'Come On' is a cover of electronic duo Kish Mauve's 2009 single, while Young's version was produced by Richard X.

The single follows 'Jealousy', which reached number five on the UK chart back in August.

Will Young will embark on a 23-date tour of the UK and Ireland later this month, starting in Swindon on October 27.

The star recently described his stint on 2001/02's series of Pop Idol as "the best ever experience".

Will Young's new single 'Come On' performed live below:

Friday, 30 September 2011

Will Young has fixed his gaze on the next Bing Crosby

Will Young has fixed his gaze on the next Bing Crosby with a Christmas TV show and US superstar Liza Minnelli as his special guest.

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The Pop Idol winner, a string of celebs, but plan to invite more fat by Liza, 65, after seeing her sing at a charity event.

Talking at the bash, Will, 32, said: "We've got an idea for a Christmas show, which will be like Will And My Friends.

"It will be in a big house with a roaring fire and I'll have celebrity friends popping in for a chat and to perform."

He added: "I'd never seen Liza before and she is incredible. I'd love her to be on the show."

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Will Young armpits sweats so much

British singer Will Young armpits sweats so much that he once controlled this issue in a bid to try Botox injections.

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The Leave Right Now hitmaker
is suffering from severe perspiration, while he is performing on stage with the embarrassing situation and has decided to seek medical help.

The Botox injections, which are known to help prevent excess perspiration is recommended, but the procedure failed to cure the problem.

Young tells British TV host Jonathan Ross, "I tried it (Botox) once actually under my arms, because I sweat a lot. I sweat a lot - why am I saying this? So I went to this chap (man) and he gave me some Botox and I sweated through it and he said, 'You're the only man in Europe to sweat through Botox'."

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Will Young doesn't think about his new album "dishonest"

'Jealousy' hitmaker Will Young doesn't think about his new album "dishonest".

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The singer new album 'Echoes' focus on the dance sound has changed, but he was first known for his pop ballads do not feel like it, he associate with people who have changed the course is very high.

He said: "My music has evolved a fair bit and I would say this is an electro-pop album. It's something I've wanted to do for around six years and this felt like the right time to change musical direction.

"The music still retains an essence of me so it doesn't feel like I've done something dishonest."

As well as getting experimental with his music, Will's career still likes to challenge myself with and he behind the scenes in the movie business has enjoyed getting involved.

He said: "While I was making this album I took some time out to go to Serbia where I filed a documentary on Ralph Fiennes' forthcoming film version of Shakespeare's tragedy 'Coriolanus'. I've invested money in the film and I'm a silent producer, which is amazing."

Monday, 25 July 2011

Will Young did not think he "entirely happy" record

Will Young did not think he "entirely happy" record will ever write.

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The 'Changes' singer, his new album 'Echoes' on the track after an encounter with a former lover has written believes his songs will always have some element of sadness to them.

He said: "Two of the saddest songs on this album were written after I bumped into someone I used to see, which sent me into a spin.

"It was like a punch in the stomach. I think you need that. I don't think I'll ever write an entirely happy record."

While he's glad with his career, Will doesn't think he is "good" at relationships and "potty" is going and when they are dating I can not stop myself from things overanalysing.

The 33-year-old star told Attitude magazine: "I'm pretty good with most things except relationships. When it comes to matters of the heart I do go a bit potty.

"I think I'm getting better with age but I still analyse the texts - what does one kiss mean and all that stuff."